Welcome to our site.

This site is still under construction and will probably go through many changes as we develop it. But we have put on the basic info for your information, to find out who we are, what we do, how we can help you, and how you can contact us.

About us

Robotics and automation is our passion.  We have been operating since 2004 locally in South Africa and internationally in many countries, to name but a few, Germany, Belgium, China, India, Portugal, Russia.  We mainly work in the Motor industry with new line installations.  Our team of highly skilled robot programmers are very professional, dedicated and proud of their work.

We specialise in new line installations, line changes and achieving cycle time to within the allocated time period.  We have a very good reputation regarding our work, professionalism and our ability to provide you the client with results.


Standards we specialise in:

BMW  PL2 -  PL7
Audi / VW

Robots we specialise in:

Kuka  KRC1,  Kuka KRC2,  Kuka VKRC

Should you want to get in contact please email us on the provided contact form.

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